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If you’re planning a winter wedding, a marquee can be the perfect solution to create a warm and intimate space for your guests. Not only do marquees provide shelter from the elements, but they also offer the flexibility to create a unique and customised atmosphere for your special day. With the right lighting and decoration, a marquee can transform into a cosy and romantic space that your guests will remember for years to come. Plus, with Monaco Marquees, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with working with experienced professionals who know how to make your winter wedding a success.


At Monaco Marquees, we understand that every couple envisions their dream winter wedding to be unique and personalised. That’s why we offer a range of different styling options to create the perfect ambiance for your special day. Whether you’re seeking a romantic winter wonderland with soft lighting and ethereal decor or a cosy rustic setting with warm tones and natural elements, we have the expertise and resources to bring your vision to life. From elegant and sophisticated themes to whimsical and enchanting designs, our team will work closely with you to understand your preferences and curate a styling concept that reflects your love story. Let us help you transform your winter wedding into a magical celebration filled with warmth, beauty, and cherished memories.


All of our marquees can have a beautiful ivory lining which is the swagging material that covers the ceiling and walls. 

For a more striking effect, you might consider a starlight lining. This is a black lining with flashing LED lights sown in, giving the effect of a tranquil night sky, perfect for a winter wedding.


We always recommend our hard flooring with carpet overlay, this will help if the ground has become boggy in the lead up to the day or if there is heaving rainfall forecast. When it rains the water does have a tendency to creep in under the walls and dampen the floor, as the hard flooring is raised this eliminates the problem.


Having our thermostat controlled heaters in the marquee is an absolute must in the winter. Our heaters are run on diesel and one tank lasts for around 8 hours. There is a thermostat in the marquee for you to choose your desired temperature. Although don’t use your heater the day before the event as it can lead to condensation forming on the inside of the roof overnight. If you do need to use the heater, make sure the tables and any valuables are covered by plastic sheeting.

Usually we attach a portable toilet trailer to your marquee, however if this isn’t possible it is worth having brolley bins as the exit of the marquee and the entrance to the loos! These can be hired from Monaco Marquees.

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