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As a complete event supplier we provide lighting and accessories to ensure your event creates the right first impression

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Lighting and accessories

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood and ambiance of any event, and we have a wide range of lighting options to illuminate your occasion with style. From romantic fairy lights and elegant chandeliers to modern LED fixtures and outdoor lighting solutions, we offer a variety of choices to suit your event’s theme and atmosphere. In addition to lighting, we also provide a selection of accessories to enhance your marquee setup, including flooring options, decorative elements, and more. Explore our collection and let us help you create a truly captivating and unforgettable event. And if there is something specific you want, drop us an email or give us a call, we have an enormous warehouse and probably have just the thing you want!

Choose the lighting for your event



Monaco offers a variety of uplighters, which are suitable for a wide range of events. And our coloured filters can change the feel of an event from formal to informal, classic to modern, daytime to evening.


Classic, ambient and decadent, our chandeliers provide an elegant way to bring light to your event. Available on a dimmer chandeliers give you complete control to create the perfect atmosphere.

Hanging paper lanterns

These high quality paper lanterns come in a variety of sizes and colours adding that extra special touch to your marquee. Use plain white for a neutral classic look ideal for a wedding or a selection of different colours to create a great party feel.

Festoon lighting

An option for both indoor and outdoor lighting, festoon lighting also known as rope lighting creates a romantic setting for any event; popular for weddings, engagement parties and anniversaries.

Fairy lights

Simple yet effective, fairy lights add a subtle touch to your marquee. Available in 6m strips ensure you add them to your quote today.

Disco balls

Our rotating glitter balls are a fantastic way to transform your marquee. A small spotlight is trained onto the rotating ball which shoots spots of light in every direction.

Choose the accessories for your event


Ivory pleated lining

Roof and wall linings are the cost-effective way to create the perfect environment in a marquee. Whether you want elegance, excitement, traditional or contemporary, we have a variety of lining options and valances for you to choose from.

Starlight roof lining

Starlight lining is a blackout roof lining with hundreds of tiny LED bulbs integrated into it. When lit the effect is a dazzling night sky of twinkling lights. Perfect to set the tone of your event.

Glass doors

Glass doors are a perfect accompaniment to your marquee. As well as looking aesthetically pleasing, they also are a great way to keep the heat locked inside your marquee. With an easy to use push bar system, it allows your guests to open and close the doors as opposed to canvas opening which are time consuming closing up letting that all important hot air escape.

Thermostat heaters

You needn’t let cold weather get in the way with heating available for all sizes of marquee. Our thermostat controlled heaters are fuelled by diesel and are able to distribute the heat evenly in your marquee. Two or more heaters are recommended for larger marquees.

Event wooden flooring

Wooden flooring provides a completely solid floor throughout the marquee. Recommended when the ground the marquee is erected on is bumpy or soft. It is our most premium flooring and gives the perfect finish to the marquee.

Cord carpet

A great way to add a splash of colour to your flooring, our carpet is available in a multitude of different colours and can be laid on top of any of our flooring ranges. It is always recommended to complete the perfect marquee.

Polished parquet dance floor

No party or wedding is complete without a dance floor. The parquet dance floor is a real timeless classic. Subtle and elegant the parquet is still our most popular dance floor.

Black and white dance floor

No party or wedding is complete without a dance floor. The black and white dance floor is more of a focal point than its counterparts. Essential to dazzle your guests and get them in the mood for dancing.

Stainless steel back bar unit

Ideal for mounting optics, displaying bottles and storing glasses. Shelving unit sits on our standard bar or can be placed directly on a table.


Our stage panels are 8x4ft and 1ft high so whether you would like one stage section for a singer or four to accommodate a band, our stages have the versatility to suit your needs.

LED glow bar unit

Our luminous Glow Bar is essential if you are looking to add colour, glamour and sparkle to your event. The large LED panel at the front of the bar can be programmed to stay on your favourite colour, change colour or flash between a variety of different colours.

Stainless steel bar unit

A fantastic and attractive way to give you or your bar staff a station to serve drinks from.