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How Monaco Marquees Pop-Up Pubs redefined pub atmospheres

Hall and Woodhouse has over 250 pubs in the south of England, brewing under the name Badger Brewery. Through a strategic partnership with Monaco Marquees, they have been steadily increasing revenue and extending their customer reach by offering a unique customer experience. Introducing the Pop-Up Pub!

The challenge

After the Covid pandemic, pubs in England were facing a challenge, having experienced enormous restrictions, reduced capacity, economic uncertainty, job losses and changed consumer behaviour. Critical to their future success was to consistently deliver a fantastic customer experience and provide a venue that satisfied their desire for something a little more adventurous. We were approached by the leadership team at Hall and Woodhouse to install a marquee that could operate as an additional pub space but that created an entirely new and exciting customer experience.

Monaco Marquee solution

Working closely with the team, we developed a marquee space that would effectively become another pub, attached to the main building. Having completed a thorough site assessment, we put together plans for a bar serving area, with backbar and under-counter storage. We planned out the seating arrangements taking their lighting and electricals into consideration so as to minimise impact on the garden space and control costs. We worked with the publican to develop a creative theme that worked with that specific pub and their customer demographics.


Once the vision and proposal was agreed, we set about preparing the site for the marquee, moving obstructions and laying the ground works, ensuring there was no impact on the pub’s regular operations. Having erected the marquee, we installed the lighting, heating and visual rig to start to create the ambiance. We provided furniture to match the theme as well as installing eye-catching decorations. As the pub opened the new Pop-Up Marquee Pub, we worked through any small changes that needed to be made to improve the operational flow and kept in touch with the management team with ideas for future pubs.


The customer feedback has been phenomenal, patrons love the new area and enjoy the vibrancy of the space, giving the pub a new lease of life. The publican is delighted as revenues have increased, as word spread in the local community, so did profits.

Duncan Rouse

Operations Manager

We’ve been absolutely delighted with the success of our Pop-Up Marquee Pub. Monaco Marquees have done a brilliant job that literally wouldn’t have been possible without them. Paul has consistently gone above and beyond and is now a strategic partner of Hall and Woodhouse and we are excited about the future creativity and increased revenues this partnership represents.

Lessons learned

There is always a level of risk and anticipation in venturing into the new, and we’re delighted that this partnership has been so successful. The number of pubs that now have a Monaco Marquee Pop-Up Pub is a surprise to all of us, but the long-term investment in this part of our business is making a difference to the pub industry as a whole and that is wonderful.

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